You design it
You can use your imagination to design products of any shape, provide files in STL, STP, STEP, etc. We will implement all your 3D designs.
We produce it
We use large industrial 3D printers and high precision SLA resin printing technology to provide you with the best professional 3d printing service.
You received it
You can pick up your package at our 3D printing facility in India and China. If you are in another country, ship by courier, receive your 3D printed parts anywhere.
3d printing
Printing by SLA\SLS\DLP machines
CNC machining
Hardware parts, engineering plastic processing
Rapid mold
Lower cost mass production
Why choose us ?
Our team has more than 10 years of prototyping experience, using a large-size SLA 3D printer for high-resolution printing with superior productivity. Whether you provide physical, photo or 3D files, we can produce high quality models for you.
A. First in India
India's first SLA resin 3d printing service company, high-precision prototyping manufacturer near you.
B. Reasonable plan
Our goal is to provide you with the best quality/price ratio model making service, and deliver quickly.
C. Data confidentiality
We will keep your design data strictly confidential and perform regular clearance to keep your data.
D. Quality assurance
More than ten years of rapid prototyping experience, strict control of product quality.
Customer case

The building model is a miniature model of a large children's paradise with a complex structure. Harvest 3D used 20 large-format 3D printers, and more than 30 people cooperated to deliver products worth 13 million RMB on time.
How to start your 3D printing production
This is a very simple process, then you only need to contact us and send the file to our mailbox to get a quote.
contact us
You can contact us by phone, facebook, what'sapp, etc.
Send File
Send us your 3D design data via email or other means
Calculate prices and ask for your opinion based on your documents
Made for you
You agree and pay, we will make your product immediately.

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Professional 3D printing service company

As a professional prototyping and modeling company, we have SLA resin 3D printer and CNC machines. We provide 3D printing, complex molding, coloring and other services, and have rich experience in the automotive, home appliances, office equipment, architectural models, medical dentistry, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and other industries.

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